To Begin with

There are a lot of expat woman blogging about their lives and a lot doing so whilst living in Singapore. So…… what makes mine different. Probably not a lot really, its more of a diary, firstly for me because keeping a blog makes me keep a diary of sorts and one day I may reminisce. Secondly, for any of my friends and family that might be interested in what I’m getting up to, or just want some holiday ideas for when they visit!

I arrived in hot and humid Singapore two weeks ago today but it feels like a lot has happened so far. Lots of time spent getting the new apartment organised and the food cupboards stocked. This week I investigated what I could get up to as an expat and found myself overwhelmed by the number of groups, activities and get together’s all geared towards expats (and particularity women) living in Singapore.

So, I feel the adventure beginning and therefore this is a good place to start this blog!


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