Learning to Run again

Running is my sanity, my keep fit and my stress relief all rolled into one wonderful activity. Whats not to love about running, you can do it anywhere (all you need is your running kit) and its a great way to explore a new place. I have run regularly for around 12 years, expect maybe when ill or on holiday, although I have been known to run then too. When I was travelling a lot with work I would run to explore and all I needed was room in my case for my running kit. Even in -10 Deg C in Norway I would just wrap up well and head out for a run.

Singapore, however, has turned running on its head. To begin with I tried doing what I would always do, run from wherever I am staying. There aren’t many side streets where we live so that really means running alongside busy 3 lane highways with complicated crossings or in many cases no crossings but instead foot bridges over the road. The pavements seem to reflect the heat, the cars pump out additional heat and of course the noise and pollution thrown in there for good measure.

The constant stopping for traffic crossings is actually more exhausting that keeping going. It is when you stop that your start to feel like you are on fire. All that humidity is stuck to your skin making it damp as if your skin can’t breathe.

So I did something I have never really considered before, I went somewhere to run. In this case the beautiful MacRitchie Reservoir, which is around a 10 minute bus ride away. Here I found some relief, I can run in the woods or along the reservoir side without stopping were there might even be a slight breeze. And so begins the battle to run further…….

Despite constant sips of water the humidity builds up, I can’t explain how hard and frustrating it is to find something so hard that I know I could easily do in other circumstances. I know how to dig deep and keep going but when your body starts to fight back, feeling dizzy and faint there is little you can do to fight through. So I just have to treat it as a whole new challenge, lets face it if I can learn to run here, I can run almost anywhere!


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