Little India

One of the really amazing things about Singapore is the multicultural aspect of it. By that I don’t just mean there are people here from many parts of the world, its more the fact that the city has whole areas dedicated to certain cultural groups and in the case of this posting Little India.
Now, I should maybe mention that I have never been to India but I do get a sense this would is a fair representation, partly because there are a lot of India’s living there! 
Bright buildings and spice shops line the streets along with jewelry shops selling predominantly gold and costume jewelry. Bollywood tunes blare onto the street and there is a real hustle and bustle about the place. I really did feel like we had stepped off the bus into a very different place.
The Tekka Center hosts a top floor full of beautiful Indian outfits. I adore the bright colour and elaborate draped material.
On the ground floor of the Tekka center is one of Singapore’s wet markets where people buy fresh fish, meat, fruit and veg. Its fresh but we weren’t sure on the hygiene so we didn’t buy anything!
As we moved on down Serangoon road I was disappointed that the Sri Veeramakaliamman Temple  (yes i had to look up the spelling) was covered up and being restored. I have seen it a few times from the bus and its picture would have been a good addition here.
Avoiding a rain we ducked into the Mustafa Center where on the first floor we found cheap spices, nuts and seeds (hurrah!) and to be frank the biggest supermarket we have seen so far in Singapore. As with many supermarkets here there was also lots of stuff that we just didn’t know what it was but its always fun looking. At the basement level of this superstore you could buy brightly coloured fabrics to make your own dresses and on the ground floor just about anything else you might ever need!
We ended out little exploration down Race Course road where we spotted some interesting restaurants and this even more interesting vehicle……a hearse perhaps?

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