S.E.A Aquarium

The South East Asia Aquarium is one of the many attractions on Singapore’s theme park island Sentosa. The local adverts and shuttle buses for the aquarium proudly announce it is the worlds largest but sadly China, not to be outdone by Singapore, has recently opened one which steals this title.

As one might expect from the (2nd) largest aquarium there is a lot going on inside this dark warren of tanks and tunnels. Probably easiest said with the pictures below we really enjoyed the sheer scale and variety of what there was to see. The highlights were the Jellyfish which were floating gracefully in tanks with changing lights and the hammerhead shark who really does look like he should be bashing his head off things!

These tanks were larger than anything I have ever seen and we had to look very hard to find where the glass had been joined and even then we had to walk back and forth along the tanks till the change in texture caught our eye……must be the engineers in us, a real feat of engineering and design.


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