When the body fails the mind takes over

I wasn’t planning on doing a running update again for a while. I have a 10k in just over 3 weeks time so that would have probably been the next installment. Last week, for my long run, I set the alarm for 5:40 giving me time to have a snack and get myself organised and up to the woods ready to run at sunrise (6:45). This really seemed to help, the humidity was reduced, there was a breeze and I got about 3/4 of the way round my route before I really got all sticky and melting. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still way slower than I would have liked but I actually enjoyed the run.

So, I had high hopes for a repeat performance this week as I edged the distance up a little. I even managed to eat a little more and was feeling good until I stepped outside. I could feel straight away the humidity was high even though the sun wasn’t up. From the moment I started running my body got that horrible layer of moisture and I’m not sure my choice of t-shirt was exactly helping to wick it away. Add to that a generally feeling of tiredness and it was a struggle most of the way round.

My time was even slower than last week when I passed the same distance and I had to dig deep to push out the extra few kilometers. Afterwards I stopped at a cafe for a cold drink, feeling a bit blue looking at my terrible split times on my watch. I was beginning to wonder if there was any way I could complete the 21km that I have entered in August. If I am melting after 13km I’m not sure how that last 8 will feel.

That’s when someone ran past me with the slogan on the back of his t-shirt “When the body fails the mind takes over” and that made me smile. A few simple words to remind me that its pushing your body that tests your mind. The only one who is disappointed in my time is me, the only one I am trying to beat is me. And with that note I won’t be aiming for a time in 3 weeks when I do that 10km, I’ll be aiming to finish and to enjoy it, thank you running man for putting that back in perspective!


One thought on “When the body fails the mind takes over

  1. It is all about our expectations that we give ourselves, and the right mind-set. But the heat must be difficult to overcome…. How about I package up some North East Haar and post it out to you! But seriously listen to your body to when it is screaming REST!


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