Kuala Lumpur

Only 50 minutes by plane from Singapore KL is a very different city from our current second home. The crowning glory of the Malaysian capital are the Petronas Towers standing at 452m .

Tickets for a visit (we had to book in advance or queue at 8am) include a trip to the sky bridge that spans the two towers before continuing to the 88th floor at  the top of the tower. The sky bridge, the worlds highest double decked bridge, connects levels 41 and 42. It is not fully attached to the building and facilities the natural movement due to weather conditions. 
Seen up close from the 88th floor the buildings seem very intricate and the stainless steels gleams in the sunlight. The unusual shape must have been difficult to build and there are many Islamic influences in the design and style.

In the picture below you can just make out the telecoms tower which I have pictured from the ground below.

Sadly it was rather hazy and our view felt a bit spoilt.

Interesting swimming pool on this hotel!

The telecoms tower, reminds of the BT tower in London.

Taken from the park below.

The National Mosque of Malaysia has a capacity of 15,000 people, sadly I couldn’t find a vantage point to show off the sheer size of the building.

Stunning pieces in the Islamic Arts Museum.

The dome roof

 Outside of the dome roof

Heritage buildings opposite Merdeka Square.

Sadly KL felt somewhat disjointed. The taxis got snarled up in the busy traffic and seemed to take ages to travel only short distances. The pavements were cracked, full of holes or just plain non-existent. The trains seemed to be the best option but even those were confusing and there was always a queue for a ticket. It wasn’t the clean, slick, easy city life that we have become accustomed!


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