Young Musical Talent

A couple of months back we saw a leaflet advertising a Piano Concerto Festival at the Singapore School of Arts (another unusual and beautiful building). The festival was spread over two Sundays with 6 brilliant young pianists joining forces for the first time in South East Asia. All 6 had been mentored by Tedd Joselson who was the patron of the concert. When I went online to buy the tickets we couldn’t decide which week to buy for, then seeing they were only $20 (£10) each we thought, lets go to both!

Last weeks experience was magical with 3 pianists who I would estimate to be in their early 20s. I think today’s was extra special though. There was a young lad who looked about 12, they had to bring in a special raised stool for him, playing note perfect Mozart in perfect timing, with the orchestra, all from memory. Then after an intermission another young lad, maybe 16 played Rachmaninoff. Think ‘All By Myself’, the programme told me the melody came from this Rachmaninoff piece and you could really here it in parts. We watched as he really stepped into the music. His body flowed with his every key press and the speed at which the notes were played, a real knuckle busting piece. When the piece reached its climax he seemed to speed up another gear which you wouldn’t have thought possible. On finishing he punched the air with his fists, a big grin on his face. I just can’t even imagine how you memorize such a long and complicated piece and all at such a young age. Such dedication and talent! Utterly breathtaking.


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