Gillman Barracks

Originally built in 1936 as a military encampment for the British Army, Gillman Barrcks now hosts ten art galleries located in five buildings. Aiming to set itself up as a contemporary art destination in Asia its big enough to require picking up one of the maps that can be found dotted around the complex.

I’m no art expert, for me somethings work and some things don’t. This for example, a hand wound ball of thread, meant to represent the fragile fenced border between India and Pakistan. So,ok,  get that but its not very exciting to look at!

This morning glory made of rattan however is great to look at, and huge!
Plus this movie poster style painting was fun.
Some volcanic ash art.
I also saw some more Sebastiao Salgado photographs. Having seen his Genesis exhibition twice, once in London’s Natural History Museum and again at the National Museum of Singapore I was thrilled to spot some photographs from his Workers series.
So still loads to explore there, sure you could get immersed for a whole day, and going on a history tour might be very interesting.

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