Mekong Delta, Day 10

On Monday we spent a pretty fun day on the Mekong Delta River. The first thing that strikes you about this river is the sheer size, some 2.5km at the widest point. We saw a traditional floating market where farmers come on their boats from 150-200km away to sell their crops. The goods for sale are hung from a bamboo pole to make it easy for people to see.

We visited a factory producing rice products, rice paper, rice crackers and puffed rice and tapioca which they turn into cereal or sweet bars. Toffees were being made from coconut milk and pressed banana treats. Best of all we got to try them all, even the snake wine, more spirit that wine!

From here we transferred to a small row boat which took us through a little canal. For lunch we got to try Elephant ear fish and listen to some local music. After lunch we visited a brick and pottery factory and finally we walked through a local wet market where they were selling snake and all manner of products.  A rather grand day out!


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