Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve

I had no idea Singapore had a wetlands until I read about it in the paper recently. As it turns out it is actually part of the East Asia-Australasian Flyway Partnership. This essentially means that Singapore is committed to maintaining the area as a wintering ground for migratory birds.

Mangroves, ponds, mudflats and forest fill this corner of the Singapore island. Star of the show for me are the Mud-skippers which can be seen in abundance during low tide. There are even some fun giant ones on the kids trail, at least then you know what your looking for on the mud flats.

The resemblance seems pretty good!
They create these holes by spitting out the mud, caught this guy mid spit.
Lots of crabs in the mudflats also.

Surprised to the crocodile warning sign, but as it turns out saltwater crocs live in the straights of Johor. It’s rare for them to be spotted by the public but one was found dead nearby in the straights in May 2014, he was 3.6 meters long. I’m quite pleased I didn’t know that before we went down there. 

During September to March many shorebirds and waders from the north winter here. With 202 hectares they have plenty pace to settle down. 

This monitor lizard is just chilling out.

Great green space in Singapore and completely free to visit.