On her recent visit to Singapore my Mum asked me where ‘home’ was for me. It’s an interesting question, from birth to the age of 11 my family moved around a lot. For the 18 years that followed I was pretty much settled in north east Scotland and this is where my family remain. So this seems the obvious answer. It is however strange going back there, it always feels like a lot has happened since I really called it home, like I have changed and it hasn’t. Then there is London, where we set up home for a little over two years before relocating out to Singapore and a couple of weeks ago I flew back there for the first time in nearly a year.

I have never been in any particular hurry to go back but with the second leg of a return flight hanging it was a ‘use it or loose it’ situation. So, why not come back and make a holiday of it. It’s a strange experience coming back to a place that feels familiar yet not so familiar. I couldn’t quite get over the fact its warmer inside than out, that I needed to stand on the right of the escalators instead of the left and that everyone was in such a rush.

Perhaps it’s not fair to compare London to Singapore. The shiny, clean MRT of Singapore is modern, the London underground was built in the 1860’s when Singapore was just establishing itself. The London underground is small and cramped but so full of history and character. I had also forgot about the sprawling size of London. In Singapore ou can can easily walk one MRT stop but when I took this approach in London I found myself walking and walking and walking………and stumbling across green park!

 I went to the Victoria and Albert Museum and the British Museum and looked in awe at the shear size, variety and quite simply huge artefacts!

After a fun couple of weeks in the UK, taking in some visits to North Devon and Wales I returned once again to Singapore. The truth is, this did feel like coming home. Surrounded by my things, the familiar ways that I fell back into and even that familiar smell of a place that you know is home. So I guess my answer is, as it always has been, home is where my stuff and my husband are!


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