WA – Denmark

Tuesday morning we decided to treat ourselves to breakfast at a Denmark café. We then crossed the road to buy steak and salad from the local butcher before taking the scenic route west. Unfortunately many of the galleries and farm shops were shut so we didn’t stop along the scenic route and instead continued to the Valley of the Giant Tingle Trees. We took in the treetop walkway which was very bouncy, apparently meant to mimic the swaying of the trees. At it’s highest point it is 40m above the ground and it really is a beautiful piece of engineering.  

After the tree top walk we enjoyed the ancient empire of trees which had some nobly old specimens around 350 years old. Many were hollowed out and really very beautiful.

Next we took in the extremely photogenic Conspicuous beach and then on into Walpole to have some lunch in a lovely little café. 
Next up was a visit to the Giant Tingle tree, 24m in circumference. This was also hollow and we read that many of these ancient trees had survived a forest fire which burned out the trunks near the base. Somehow they live on solid and strong. 

Our final stop for the day was just nearby, the circular pools. These are described as nature’s cappuccinos where plant extracts are broken down by the water to create a natural foam. 
Tonight we are staying at the very peaceful Riverside Retreat, having seen no live Kangaroos so far, only roadkill, we were thrilled to see a number here just hoping around taking it easy, and a lot of bird life too. The steak and salad from the butcher went down well, as did the bottle of red, made just along the road in Margaret River.

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