Welcome to Peru

At the end of 2015 I was offered the opportunity to join some friends to walk the Inca Trail in April. At first I refused, it seemed such a big trip to take without Peter and my usual guilt of spending his hard earned cash without him set in. I also knew that we would only just be getting settled into Ghana and taking myself away from there might not help the process. My wonderful husband however, convinced me otherwise. A chance to do this iconic walking route, see Singapore friends again and lets face it, Ghana isn’t going anywhere. With Peter planning a golfing trip I even made the decision to go to Peru early to volunteer teaching English before meeting up with the others in the Sacred Valley.
Of course the months that followed have panned out in an unexpected way, we are in no means settled in Ghana and instead we have gone from one temporary home to another. So heading off to Peru might be a well timed break from all the madness or another period of restless hotel living. After a hectic week in London, feeling homesick and in need of some normality I wasnt exactly excited about going away. Later as I negotiated my way through a very hectic Lima international airport, some 19 hours after starting my journey at Heathrow,  tired, jetlagged and with a sore head I was no more enthusiastic about the 6 hours or so it would take me to reach my final destination. I was cursing myself for not remaining in London one more week for some extended normality. As my final flight took off for Cusco I dosed off. When I woke I looked out the window to see beautiful mountain scenery and that was all it needed to lift my spirits. I am writing this from my volunteer accommodation with litte idea how I will be spending my week ahead until my induction on Monday, so we will see how this next adventure goes!

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