I first started a travel blog many years ago but it was focused more around photographs than anything else. I have had a love of the outdoors, and adventure, for as long as I can remember. In 2014 I followed my husband to Singapore where I decided to have 6 months off work and start blogging again. That 6 months grew and I got more and more interesting in exploring culture, volunteering and writing.

From Singapore we moved West Africa where I turned my volunteering skills to teaching. In Ghana the opportunities to explore the culture seemed endless and my love for writing was always growing. Things took a divergence when I fell pregnant and had a beautiful little girl in 2017. Her addition to my world gives this blog another angle.

I try to make my blog posts short and to the point, whilst also giving you a taste of my experience, often helped by a few photographs. Ultimately I hope to look back on these posts, as I often do already, with fond memories. A photograph sometimes fails to capture some elements of the adventure that words can.

I hope you enjoy my blog, Sarah.